5 Employee Gift Ideas for Stress Relief

Abr 25, 2024

Stress in the workplace is more than a mere buzzkill; it's a productivity plague that can sap energy levels and mar the overall office ambiance. But savvy employers are finding inventive ways to combat the strain—and it turns out a little gifting can go a long way! Here's a roundup of five promotional gifts that don't just say "I care," they practically sing it out loud.

1. Self-Care Tea Set

Nothing warms the spirit quite like a hot cup of tea. As a beloved self-care ritual, sipping tea can be a comforting reprieve from the daily grind. Science winks at us, noting that certain teas may play a role in reducing the stress hormone cortisol. So why not charm your team with an all-inclusive tea set? Picture this: an assortment of soothing teas, a sleek, compact tea tin, a tranquility-invoking bamboo soy candle, a durable stainless steel mug, and, for a dash of whimsy, an adult coloring book with pencils. It's a quaint way to say, "Take a breather on us."

2. Wellness Journal

Penning thoughts down can be a form of therapy, and the Limelight Hardbound Journal is a partner in the journey toward mental clarity. This journal isn't just about empty lines waiting to be filled; it's a motivator with handy nutrition and exercise tips, nudging team members along their fitness and wellness escapades. It's both a tracker and a cheerleader for personal health objectives.

3. White Noise Machine, Speakers, and Earphones

The hypnotic pattern of rain, the ceaseless whoosh of ocean waves, the sedate whisper of the wind—all these sounds have a magical way of melting stress away. That's where white noise machines come into play. Coupling them with top-notch earphones or speakers means employees have the luxury of disappearing into a world of auditory relaxation. This auditory escape is a prized office accomplice, whether the soothing sounds for focus or jamming out to favorite tunes.

4. Coloring Book

Never underestimate the power of a coloring book meant for grown-ups. It's not just a throwback to childhood—it's a portal to mindfulness and stress reduction. Coloring can serve as a form of self-expression and a soothing escape that fosters self-awareness. By including an adult coloring book in your array of promotional gifts, you're sparking creativity and championing mental decompression.

5. Essential Oils

Breathe in, breathe out, and let the essence of nature do the rest. Aromatherapy is honored for inducing calmness, and essential oils are the conduits. By presenting employees with a selection of oils—think of lavender's serenity, chamomile's tranquility, and the refreshing eucalyptus—you’re gifting a snippet of peace.

Trove: Digital Gifting Simplified

Now, imagine coupling these stress-relieving treasures with the ease of digital gifting. Enter Trove—the employee gifting software that’s a godsend for HR departments and managers everywhere. Trove isn't your garden-variety gifting platform; it spearheads the concept of choice, allowing employees to handpick their gifts from a trove of favored brands.

From the click of a button, Trove sends digital gift cards directly to employees, who can redeem them across an impressive array of vendors. They can dabble in retail therapy with Amazon, SHEIN, Uniqlo, and Sport Central—perfect for those who love to shop. Food lovers can rejoice with options like foodpanda, Grab, SM Hypermarket, and Coffee Project. Wanderlust victims, our travel specialists, haven't been left out either; they can opt for exhilarating experiences with Klook and Lazada. Those with a heart of gold can donate their gift to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

By pairing thoughtful promotional gift items with Trove's personalization, you alleviate stress, enrich lives, and reinforce a culture of well-being in your workspace. Book a free demo with Trove today!