Warm Up Your Team: Coffee Gifts for Rainy Days

Jun 7, 2024

employee gift ideas coffee shops coffee gift card
employee gift ideas coffee shops coffee gift card
employee gift ideas coffee shops coffee gift card
employee gift ideas coffee shops coffee gift card

As the rainy season begins in the Philippines, the aroma of brewing coffee wafts through the air, signaling the start of another productive day. It's common for colleagues to bond over coffee breaks, sharing ideas and fostering camaraderie over steaming mugs of their favorite blends. This is why coffee can be one of the best employee gift ideas.

Hot or Cold, Filipinos Will Have Coffee

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This summer in the Philippines is blazing hot, but Filipinos still love coffee. Coffee remains their buddy despite the intense heat, whether a hot barako or a cold iced latte. Here are some reasons why Filipinos love coffee:

Energy-Boosting Effects

Most Filipinos see it as an instant pick-me-up when feeling under the weather. You often hear employees say they cannot function without having coffee first. Coffee, containing caffeine, acts as a central nervous system stimulant that increases brain activity and promotes the release of adrenaline. It leads to a surge of energy and helps us stay alert and focused throughout the day.

Historical Significance

Coffee was first brought to the Philippines by a Franciscan friar in 1749. The Philippines was once one of the top coffee producers in the world, especially after coffee rust plagued Brazil, parts of Africa, and Java in the 1880s.


The country’s diverse microclimates and weather conditions make it an excellent place to grow a larger variety of coffee. The Philippines uniquely produces all four main coffee varieties: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica (Barako), and Excelsa. Each has distinct flavors and is grown in various regions.

Cultural Significance

Coffee is a big part of Filipino culture. It’s more than just a daily habit; it’s deeply woven into the Filipino lifestyle. No matter a person’s age or background, it’s common for Filipinos to kick-start their day with a strong cup of coffee. Older folks especially cherish Liberica, known locally as Kapeng Barako.

Recently, coffee shops from the Second and Third Wave movements have become popular hangout spots for people balancing work, home, or school. Coffee often appears in Filipino media, books, and music, connecting with people’s lives. Whether shared with friends, enjoyed alone, or sipped at a roadside café, coffee brings people together, sparks conversations, and provides a sense of home.

8 Top-Rated Coffee Shops in the Philippines

Employers can show appreciation to their teams with a coffee gift card or a group outing to top-rated coffee shops. Discover some of the best coffee spots in the Philippines, where great coffee and cozy vibes make for perfect employee bonding and relaxation.

1. Coffee Project

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Popularity: Coffee Project is renowned for its high-quality espresso-based drinks and delectable food. Its unique interior, filled with flowers and greens, creates a vibrant mood among customers.

Best Seller Coffee: Their signature blend comprises 70% Arabica coffee imported from Brazil and 30% Robusta coffee from Sumatra. Their best-selling drink is the Vietnamese Latte, made from Nguyen beans from Vietnam.

Best Seller Food: Coffee Project offers a variety of sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals. The most promising dishes are the Sardine Pasta and the Beef Tapa. The Carbonara is also an all-time favorite.

Price Range: Hot drinks range from ₱165.00 for a tall Cafe Americano to ₱230.00 for a tall Vietnamese Latte. Food items, such as the Carbonara and Beef Tapa, are priced at ₱250.00 and ₱315.00 respectively.

2. Dear Joe

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Popularity: Dear Joe is popular for its unique concept of bringing back the tradition of handwritten letters, especially in the digital age⁶. It offers a serene environment where customers can express their feelings through letters, which are then delivered to the recipients within two to six weeks.

Best Seller Coffee: Based on customer preferences, some popular coffee choices include the Hot Americano, Vietnamese-inspired Ca Phe Sua Da, and the incredible and creamy Hazelnut Frappe.

Best Seller Food: The Crispy Pancetta Dijon is a popular dish at Dear Joe. It features crispy and savory pancetta served with a flavorful Dijon mustard sauce¹. Other notable dishes include the Kimchi Lychee Salad and the Truffle Grilled Cheese.

Price Range: The menu at Dear Joe generally varies between ₱95 and ₱3190.

3. Napa

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Popularity: Napa is a newly-opened café in Crosswinds, Tagaytay. Inspired by rustic houses in Napa Valley, California, this café makes you feel like a vineyard owner with its rustic wooden interiors, relaxing ambiance, and picturesque alfresco dining area. It’s a favorite destination for a quick road trip from the metro, offering a low-key café with a great view.

Best Seller Coffee: Cafe Borgia can be enjoyed hot or cold, based on your taste. The grated orange on top adds a zesty twist, making it better than your usual coffee.

Best Seller Food: Napa offers many dishes that will fit every palate. They offer different meals, from breakfast platters to pasta and burgers. Must-tries include Black-Smoked Pasta, Beef and Onion Pizza, and Chili Burgers.

Price Range: Price starts at around P300.

4. Cafe France

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Popularity: Cafe France is popular for its exceptional French-inspired cuisine with a Filipino twist. It offers a diverse menu of freshly baked pastries, gourmet sandwiches, and artisanal bread, all served in a warm and inviting ambiance.

Best-Selling Coffee: Cafe France offers both caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. Their Iced Black Coffee and iced creme brulee latte are some of the favorites.

Best Seller Food: Some popular items on the menu include the Creamy Truffle Carbonara Meal Box Cajun Shrimp & Fish. They also offer a variety of French classics like the French Onion Soup, Croque Monsieur, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Salmon en Papillote.

Price Range: The menu at Cafe France generally varies between ₱55 and ₱745.

5. Starbucks Philippines

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Popularity: Starbucks has made a significant impact on modern culture in the Philippines.  As of 2019, the Philippines ranked 11th globally, with 397 Starbucks branches. The coffee chain's popularity can be attributed to its quality coffee, convenient to-go options, and irresistible Frappuccinos.

Best Seller Coffee: Caramel Macchiato, a sweet espresso-based drink, is a local favorite. It features freshly steamed milk blended with vanilla syrup and topped with caramel drizzle. White Chocolate Mocha is also a dependable choice for first-timers. This drink combines espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream, and white chocolate syrup.

Best Seller Food: Starbucks Philippines offers a variety of delicious pastries, sandwiches, and cakes. Crowd favorites include the Tuna Melt on Dark Multi-Grain Bread, the Blueberry Cheesecake, and the Moist Chocolate Cake.

Price Range: The price range for Starbucks Philippines generally varies between ₱90 and ₱260.

6. Bag of Beans

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Popularity: Bag of Beans is undoubtedly one of the most popular places in Tagaytay. Known for its rustic ambiance and scenic views, this establishment offers a diverse menu with a delightful mix of local and international flavors.

Best Seller Coffee: House Blend Coffee offers a robust brew that pairs wonderfully with any of their freshly baked pastries. For those seeking a traditional Filipino coffee experience, Barako Coffee delivers a strong and aromatic profile.

Best Seller Food: Shepherd’s Pie features layers of savory ground meat and creamy mashed potatoes. Roast Beef is served with gravy, a vegetable medley, and mashed potatoes. Raisin Bread, a crowd favorite, is super soft and has flavorful raisins between the layers.

Price Range: The price range for Bag of Beans generally varies between ₱120 and ₱995.

7. UCC Coffee

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Popularity: UCC Coffee, or Ueshima Coffee Company, is a renowned Japanese coffee chain. It has made its mark in the Philippines as a beloved coffee destination for locals and tourists alike.

Best Seller Coffee: UCC Special Blend features a traditional blend roasted with UCC’s unique technology, resulting in a mild, clean, and flavorful cup. For a distinct experience, the UCC Sumiyaki blends central Arabica beans roasted with Japanese hardwood charcoal, delivering a smoky aroma and strong bitter finish.

Best Seller Food: UCC Coffee offers a variety of delicious pastries, sandwiches, and cakes. Crowd favorites include the Shepherd’s Pie and the Roast Beef.

Price Range: The price range for UCC Coffee in the Philippines generally varies between ₱150 and ₱680.

8. Kaulayaw Coffee

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Popularity: Kaulayaw Café is a popular local spot in Antipolo, Rizal. It's a favorite for locals and weekend visitors who enjoy the stunning views, beautiful sunsets, and a relaxing atmosphere. Located on Sumulong Highway, the three-level café is perfect for grabbing coffee or local craft beer during road trips. "Kaulayaw" means "close companion," fitting for its cozy and romantic vibe.

Best Seller Coffee: Liyag (Benguet Blend)  is a robust brew that pairs wonderfully with freshly baked pastries. For a traditional Filipino coffee experience, Irog (Sagada Blend) provides a strong and aromatic cup. The Kaulayaw Special Blend offers a unique fusion and blend exclusive to Kaulayaw Coffee.

Best Seller Food: Kaulayaw Coffee offers a variety of delicious pastries, sandwiches, and cakes. Crowd favorites include the Almond Sansrival, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Price Range: The price range for Kaulayaw Coffee in the Philippines generally varies between ₱49 and ₱700.

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