9 Corporate Gift Ideas for Appreciating Employees on a Budget

Apr 11, 2024

Your employees' contributions are invaluable and are the heartbeat of any successful venture. Yet, in business, it's not just the grand gestures that speak volumes. Smaller tokens of appreciation can resonate profoundly within your team, fostering morale and loyalty without breaking the bank. 

Whether at the helm of HR or championing your colleagues from within the rank and file, our carefully curated list of nine budget-friendly corporate gift ideas is poised to help you celebrate your workforce's achievements with thoughtfulness and flair. Dive into a treasure trove of options that promise to make gratitude the centerpiece of your company culture.

9 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas to Inspire Employee Appreciation 

1. A Digital Gift Card of Their Choice

A digital gift card is a versatile and much-appreciated token of thanks for any employee. In a recent survey gathering insights from over 500 workers, 80% voiced their happiness at receiving gift cards as corporate presents. This isn't surprising considering the choice and flexibility they offer.

Trove is a premier option for seamless employee gifting, providing redemptions from some of the largest merchants. Employees can indulge in a shopping spree at Amazon, treat themselves to a meal with foodpanda, plan a trip via Grab, explore adventures on Klook, score deals on Lazada, support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or update their wardrobe with SHEIN. Such a wide array of choices ensures employees can find something they love.

2. A Portable Charger or Power Bank

A portable charger or power bank is a gift that blends utility with thoughtfulness. With remote work on the rise and employees frequently moving, staying charged isn't just a convenience—it's a necessity. Imagine gifting a sleek, multi-purpose charger that can breathe life into phones, tablets, and other gadgets, keeping your team connected and productive no matter where they are. Such items aren't just for work life; they're also perfect companions for personal travel, making them doubly valuable.

3. A Top-Quality Water Bottle

Encouraging hydration and well-being come naturally with a high-quality water bottle. Options like Hydro Flask, Aquaflask, Stanley, and S'well stand out for their utility and trendy designs, and superior construction that keeps beverages at the perfect temperature for hours. When gifting such items, you're not just providing a container for water; you're endorsing a lifestyle of health and sustainability. Knowing your team's preferences can help you select the style that resonates the most, showing them that you care about their health and comfort.

4. A Planner

The tactile experience of writing in a traditional planner can be immensely satisfying. A beautiful, well-crafted diary or planner offers a tangible sense of organization and planning. For employees who relish organization, giving them the gift of a stylish planner to manage their time and commitments could be considered thoughtful. It adds a personal touch to their daily routine while relieving digital notification overload.

5. A Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

A desktop vacuum cleaner is a delightful blend of function and fun, ideal for keeping workstations spick and span. These little powerhouses are perfect for clearing out lunchtime crumbs or snack spills, ensuring a clean space that promotes productivity and hygiene. Customizing these mini vacuum cleaners with your company's logo adds a personal branding touch while showing appreciation in a memorable, practical way. Your thoughtfulness will surely be remembered whenever an employee freshens their space with this nifty gadget.

6. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Concentrating can be challenging in the bustling world of open-plan offices and remote working setups. Noise-canceling headphones provide tranquility, allowing employees to immerse themselves in their tasks. These auditory guardians shield ears from the omnipresent hum of conversation, clattering keyboards, or domestic distractions. Don't forget the price tag; many budget-friendly models don't skimp on quality. Giving peace and productivity can resonate well with any team member, making noise-canceling headphones a sound choice for a budget-conscious employer.

7. A Book

Nothing resonates with the soul quite like the gift of a good book. It's a timeless token, knowledge, inspiration, or escape source. For teams, the selection process of choosing a book can be an opportunity to get to know their interests better. When selecting a title for each individual, consider their hobbies, aspirations, or favorite genres. Personalization is key. For larger groups, opt for universally appealing books—perhaps non-fiction bestsellers with motivational themes or groundbreaking insights relevant to your industry. Whether for professional development or leisure, a book is an endearing gift that employees can treasure and return to time and time again.

8. A Desktop Mug Warmer

Let's face it: nobody enjoys a cold sip of what is supposed to be a hot beverage. A desktop mug warmer is a nifty addition to any desk, ensuring your employees' coffee or tea remains warm throughout the day. This under-the-radar device is something many wouldn't buy for themselves, but once they have it, they’ll wonder how they went without it. It's a small comfort that conveys a lot of thoughtfulness. Perfect for anyone, whether at the office early in the morning or burning the midnight oil at home.

9. A Healthy Snack Box

Snack time shouldn't be a dilemma between indulgence and health. A healthy snack box strikes the right balance, offering various tasty yet nutritious options to energize and satisfy your team. When selecting snack boxes, it's crucial to consider multiple dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure everyone has something delightful to nibble on. From vegan bites to gluten-free goodies, the inclusivity of your selection will echo your company's attention to individual needs. Not only do these boxes offer a momentary escape to snack heaven, but they also reflect your commitment to employee wellness—both physical and mental.


In conclusion, showing your appreciation doesn't have to break the bank. These nine budget-friendly corporate gift ideas are perfect for celebrating your employees and acknowledging their hard work. From digital gift cards to memorable outings, each suggestion is designed to motivate and uplift your team without stretching your budget too thin. Remember, a thoughtful gesture goes a long way in fostering loyalty and a positive workplace culture.

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