10 Ideas to Make Employee Birthdays Extraordinary

Apr 19, 2024

Celebrating employee birthdays is an excellent way to show appreciation and promote a positive workplace culture. When an employee’s big day rolls around, you can use the opportunity to demonstrate how much you value their contributions to the team. Spark joy in your team with these top 10 office gift ideas for employees that suit any office environment, whether in-house or remote.

1. Decorate Their Workspace

Decorating an employee's space is a classic and joyful way to celebrate. Bring balloons, streamers, or a personalized birthday banner to create a vibrant atmosphere. This is one of the simplest yet most effective office gift ideas for employees to begin the birthday festivities.

2. Give Employee Rewards

Show appreciation by providing a tangible token of recognition, such as Trove's automated eGift cards. Trove offers a hassle-free solution for employers to automate gift giving, with a wide range of options, including popular platforms like Amazon, foodpanda, Grab, Klook, Lazada, Make-A-Wish Foundation, SHEIN, and more. With Trove, you can easily personalize gift cards and let your employees choose something they desire. Whether it's a shopping spree, a delicious meal, or a memorable experience, Trove makes it effortless to reward your employees meaningfully. The impact of acknowledging their contribution through Trove's varied selection of eGift cards is sure to be potent and greatly appreciated.

3. Organize a Team Happy Hour or Birthday Lunch

One of the more social office gifts for employees is to organize a team outing. Whether it's a happy hour or a birthday lunch, it's the perfect way to cultivate team spirit and celebrate the individual.

4. Write a Personalized Note

A personalized birthday note can have a significant impact. Taking the time to express sincere appreciation and specific reasons for valuing their work translates into a highly meaningful gesture.

5. Share Company Swag

Gifting practical company-branded items like hoodies, water bottles, or tote bags can strengthen a sense of company pride and is an excellent choice for office gifts for employees.

6. Give Thoughtful Treats

A simple yet effective way to celebrate is to surprise the birthday employee with their favorite snacks, cupcakes, or even a customized birthday cake. Edible gifts never fail to please and help create an enjoyable moment.

7. Arrange Their Desk

A special, though perhaps smaller gesture, is to decorate their desk with items such as confetti, a small plant, or a festive sign. This is one of the office gift ideas for employees that offers a thoughtful surprise to start their birthday workday.

8. Celebrate on Social Media

A public birthday shout-out on the company’s social media channels demonstrates a public recognition of their contributions. It's a contemporary way to appreciate the birthday personnel.

9. Custom Videos

Piecing together a video with birthday wishes from the team gives a personalized touch. This thoughtful gesture leaves a memorable imprint and is a creative spin on traditional office gift ideas for employees.

10. Let Them Choose Something Off Their Wishlist

Encourage the employee to select an experience or item they’ve been eyeing. It’s an office gift idea for employees showing you care about their interests.

In conclusion, showing appreciation to your employees through thoughtful gifts is a wonderful way to boost morale and foster a positive work environment. We've explored the top 10 office gift ideas to make your employees feel valued and celebrated. 

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